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Patricia Hawke

Your Calgary real estate expert

Thank you for visiting my website. It is my honour to serve you through the process of one of your biggest lifetime sales or purchases whether you have done this many times before or it is your first time. Based on my 15 years of experience around the city of Calgary I see my job as facilitating the process, creating clear communication with all parties involved and adjusting to the market and expectations.


When you are buying a new home I believe that people like to buy and not be sold. First we discuss your desires, expectations and time frame. Then throughout this process I will point out excellent things about homes you are viewing as well as cautions or something that goes against your initial must-haves to reopen discussion if necessary. I will work with you throughout the process of buying while adapting to your potentially changing wants or needs.


If we are selling your home I want to be able to communicate to others the things you absolutely love about your home to help others want to make your home theirs. We start with a stager to help you know what to pack before we list. This helps to prepare for your move and takes out personal belongs that keep you and not the buyer in the house. The stager will give you other tips that will help your home sell faster based on what they see people wanting in today’s market. We will make a to do list and I will offer a consult with a property specialist that has been upgrading homes for over 30 years. We will be looking to put the least amount of money into your home so we can get the maximum return on investment. The selling process will include follow up after showings, working with other realtors to understand from the buyers perspective, how your home is measuring up in the market and negotiating the offer. I will also handle all the paperwork, including ensuring the lawyers receive everything required.

If you’re looking to buy real estate in Calgary, or you want to list your home for sale. Contact Patricia Hawke now to find your dream home, or get the selling process started.
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